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Bri | noun | A diehard supporter of Free! (#swimming anime), many other fandoms, and otome games; a feminist and LGBTQA rights activist; a fabulous chica who has a stupid amount of feels for fictional characters (especially Makoto); attach an 'e' to the end and you've got a cheese.

Writer. Fighter. Feminist. Cheese.

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Me:  *during sex* ....i think i hear someone coming....
girl:  ....who?
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I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone

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if u askin about my bra size u better be planning on takin ur ass down to Victoria’s Secret to buy me some nice bras

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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i bet dragons would probably think it’s really cool that we produce water in our mouths


That last image is too adorable to not reblog.

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88,562 plays
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remember that girl you called fat?

she doesn’t care. at all. you don’t matter to her.

imagine that

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new condom flavor ideas:

  • sriracha
  • quarters
  • dick
  • water + fruit (limited release)
  • the back of drake’s neck
  • scooby snacks

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Hello there!!! So here is another GIVEAWAY!
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This is my only response to the new ending. 

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Lucario is ready to brawl.

Holy shit bye pikachu

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Why does it take actual effort to sound calm and normal during phone calls.

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my friends sister was telling me about how in highschool a guy tried to take a picture up her skirt as she was walking up stairs and she saw, grabbed his phone, broke it in half, and handed it back to him and said “you can tell your mom why your phones broken”

for a second I forgot about flip phones and I was like how in the holy hell did she rip a phone in half

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Something from the sixpenceee tag 

It’s really cool. You get to start your life over again from scratch and you make your own decisions and see where it takes you.

I found it pretty amusing. 

You can play the game here

legit been playing this for like an hour

going on 2 hours here

That was fun but I got kidnapped.

this is rly good 10/10 plz play

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